Tech Power Electronics Group – growing with high demands

The Tech Power Electronics Group has always set itself the high standard of not only meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, but also exceeding them as far as possible. In doing so, we also address their specific technical problems, analyze them and are thus able to find solutions that are specially tailored to them. Our goal is to achieve optimum results, so we use state-of-the-art production equipment to ensure consistent quality and an economical cost-benefit ratio.In the production of inductive components and systems of transformers, coils, filters, power supplies, converters such as DC-DC converters, transformers, filters and voltage converters, we always work in a solution-oriented manner in order to support our customers with our entire know-how and our many years of practical experience as a strong partner and integral component in complex manufacturing processes. It goes without saying that every component is subjected to an optimal final inspection.

Tech Power Electronics Group – diverse competencies for your success:

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    from competent consulting, over development, up to production no question remains open

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    our strength is the individual development of components and systems in close cooperation with our customers

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    in the course of your enquiry you will receive an offer from our technically experienced staff that is exactly tailored to your requirements

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    we are also available to you as a strong partner in the field of prototyping, so that you can present your customers with samples ready for series production

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    our production finishes components that meet the very highest standards. We have made this possible by creating safe processes that still allow us a maximum of flexibility

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    Just in Time

    even the fast and reliable delivery of high-quality components (transformers, lighting products, electronic components for power supply, navigation and radio, transformers, transformers, transformers, voltage converters, converters, etc.) is no challenge for us. Thanks to our innovative consignment stocks, we always offer you the greatest possible flexibility and speed

With the expertise of five companies, we unite in the Tech Power Electronics Group to form a strong and reliable partner. If you also have questions about our services, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Our competent team is at your disposal with our concentrated knowledge.